Learning Surfing can be a little hard to manage, especially if it’s your first time to try it. You need to go to proper training because it’s too dangerous to try it. Especially, if you can’t balance yourself on the surfboard, you will fall and be eaten by waves. There’s nothing wrong with surfing; in fact, it’s the best thing to do to enjoy your summer vacations. It will help your bones, muscles, and can improve your health.
There are only things that you need to know before starting surfing especially if you’re a first timer like these ones;
1. Learn the Waves Curves
Before you start surfing, you must know that waves are different and not waves are all the same. This is like a game that you need to pass different kinds of the level that get harder and harder. If you first catch your “green curve,” you must be ready when you speed or slow down. You also need to know when is the perfect timing to catch a good wave curve so you can pass through it that easily.

2. Choose your Surfboard
One of the most important things to do is choosing what kind of surfboard is suitable for you. Choose surfboards where you will feel comfortable that you can move well and surf well. There are different kinds of boards like.; shortboards, funboards, fish board, longboard, hybrid, sup, and gun.

3. Have a Person who can Professionally Teach You
This is the important thing about starting surfing, you must have a trainer or a friend that can teach you from basic to complex. In that way, you will know when to start and when to stop for your safety.
Now that you know the common things that you must know before starting surfing, you are ready to catch those enormous waves and enjoy!